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HS Region Errata 2022

Cello Excerpt #3: play top divisi mm 16-18 (8/23/22)

Violin Excerpt #2: mm. 50 (rehearsal 74) – 2nd note should be G-natural (9/9/22)


MS Region Errata 2022

Brahms/Beethoven Violin Excerpt #1: slur the first two triplets of beat 4 measure 28. (8/16/22)

Brahms/Beethoven Bass Etude- bowing clarifications: printed down-bows should be bow lifts.  The first & third measures of the 3rd line should be up bow after the quarter rest.  The measures with 2 half notes should all be down – up.  (8/30/22)

Brahms/Beethoven Viola Excerpt #4: slur the first two note of mm. 42, beat 2. (9/7/22)

Brahms/Beethoven: Violin Excerpt #4: at mm. 42 and 43, the bowing needs to be up-up on the last two 8th notes (9/9/22)

Bach Viola Excerpt #1: slur beat 4 of mm. 21 (9/9/22)


Updated Region Audition and Concert Information will be posted here.

Friday/Saturday, December 9-10, 2022 – Region 25 Orchestra Clinics and Concerts – Allen High School

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MS Folder Letter – Beethoven/Brahms

MS Folder Letter – Bach


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